My Vino Chic

Bespoke Hand-Painted Wine Glasses for every occasion

About Us

I started creating these wine glasses when troubleshooting a dilemma for my own wedding...

I got married in a barn, with no staff, no glassware, no washing up service and needed my guests to keep hold of their glasses for the day!

Glass hire was an option, however I thought why spend £1.50 to hire a wine glass that might break and cost me twice as much, and would clutter up the tables with empty dirty glasses, with no way of washing them up. So I needed the glasses labelled.

I looked at name tags, jam jars with tags, wine glass charms... then remembered a little hobby I took up a couple of years ago that I'm pretty nifty glass painting. So why not paint the names on? and then, why not match the colours to the bunting, the glasses can double up as the guests wedding favour, and as their place setting on the table! Won't have to hire any wine glasses after all! 3 in 1 :-)

The glasses make a beautifully quirky gift that the guests took home and remember our lovely day every time they open a bottle of wine...Perfect!